”This unique tale shines with utterly believable strangeness. Breen’s finely tuned storytelling—pithy description, quick and keen emotion, broad trust of readers’ intelligence—offers equal gratification whether readers spot clues and connections early or late. Both grounded and wondrous.”

– Kirkus starred review


Untitled-1Darkness falls so quickly in Howland its people have no word for evening. One minute the sky is light, the next minute it is black—an impenetrable, suffocating black, unlit by moon or stars. Then good people bar their doors, for fearsome kinderstalk leave the forest to prowl among the houses, looking for children to steal. Yet when Annie Trewitt overhears her uncle making terrible plans for her, she flees to the only place she’s sure he will not follow: the forest.  Annie never expects to survive the night, but soon she finds neither the kinderstalk nor the people of Howland are what they first appear. Her journey will take her from the depths of the forest to the glittering halls of the palace—and ever closer to an evil darker and more vast than the night itself.

Published May 12th, 2009 by BloomsburyUSA